Thursday, October 2, 2014

Updating Our Studio Website

Its getting near the end of the year that means time for our studio to do a little house cleaning. Time to replace some old work with some new projects. Like all cleaning it takes time to sort through what to keep what to toss, so check back in a couple of months to see what we have added. Meanwhile I will try to post a little more often, but I find it hard to come up with anything worth while to say.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Galactic Bubble

This is one of the finished illographs from the Monk Series Project our studio has completed.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ideas for Backgrounds

Below are a few ideas we have been kicking around, at the studio, for backgrounds for this image. We're partial to the last one, what about you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Work

The studio has started another new work based on a woman playing the cello as it continues to work on various backgrounds for the other illustration that was posted on the 10th of August. We will try to post those at later time.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Isobe, Japan - one of many


This is a memorial in honor of the people of the village who lost their lives on March 11, 2011, when a tsunami washed a shore due to an 9.0 earthquake off the coast.


Just about where I am standing to take this picture is how high up the wall of water came on that day. That pond of water on the left is where homes use to be. My father-in-laws house is behind me further up the hill.


Below those trees on the bluff is just about how high the water was here. As you can see they are still trying to repair the damage to the area.


I am standing inside the grounds of little shrine on the hill that over looked the village. This is the view from there now.


This is a wider view that you get coming down the hill from my fathering-laws house. The buildings in the foreground have been built since the tsunami.
The first time I stayed in Isobe was the sumer of 1984, with my wife and her parents. Then the village was peaceful, a place to relax and enjoy a swim in the ocean or fish off the tide breakers that line the coast. I remember walking down the streets and my father-in-law stopping in at the various stores to say hi and purchase fresh veggies and fish that had been caught that morning. That Isobe is gone, this is what remains. Isobe is just one of many, if not hundreds, of little villages that dotted the coast line of the Tohoku Region, that was swept away. Its one thing to to read about this calamity in the papers, magazines or on the internet, but its a whole other story to see it face to face. I ask that you remember these people in your thoughts and prayers, because for some it will more then a life time, before it ever becomes close to being normal again.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Studio Work

This is a new illustration in progress from our Cosplay Series. Not sure yet if that will be the final background. Still debating what he should be holding in his fingers. The original picture my son took has him holding an oriental fan. At first I thought a knife held by the tip but I didn't like it when I put it in to the picture. Any suggestions?

Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Steps to Finding Your Unique Art Style

Whether your just starting out or are a season veteran in the world of Illustration you need a style that you can claim as your very own. How you arrive at that style is up to you. If you are in the process of developing yours, you will find this article written by Lucy Chen helpful.

Are you struggling with who you are as an artist? Are you still searching for your unique art style?
Try these 5 steps to finding your unique art style. They have worked miracle for me, and may do for you, too.

1. What Do You Like to Draw?
The first step is to dip into your early memory and try to remember, what was it that you like to draw as a child? Was it animals, flowers, boats, cars, or imaginary creatures? For me, I remembered I used to doodle faces in my textbooks. So naturally my subjects are human faces.
Before you dive into researching the different types of art styles, search within yourself first. You have to find your inner truth and your real passion first.

2. Experiment with Different Medium and Different Art Techniques
When I first started, I used acrylic. I also tried water-soluble crayons and pencils, color pencils, and soft pastels. But the minute I touched oil paint with my brush, I knew oil would be my medium. It felt magical, as if we knew we were made for each other. Experiment with different art supplies and different Art Techniques, and when you meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right, you will know it.

3. Look at a Lot of Art
If you can't visit museums often enough, one great online source is The National Gallery, London, where you can zoom in to observe the brush strokes. When you look at the art you admire, don't just say you love it and stop there. Examine the paintings. Is detail carefully treated, or loosely? How important is tonal value? How important is color? Are the colors saturated or earthly? Did the painter plan the composition carefully or was it more free and intuitive? What about the use of narrative or symbolism? As you examine each piece of art, write down your answers to these questions. Once you have done so for at least 5 paintings (the more the better), think about where you want to be on each of these categories, namely, treatment of detail, value, color, composition, narrative and symbolism. This will give you a concrete idea about your preferences, which inevitably determines your style.

4. Get a Mentor
If you are still be somewhat confused, get a mentor. What seems like an unsolvable puzzle to you, very often, is crystal clear to an experienced mentor. You need one who doesn't just teach you techniques, but who is also knowledgeable in art history and the many genres of art.

5. Keep Evolving
After you think you've discovered your style, you will continue to grow and evolve. So stay open, keep looking at great art, keep learning, keep drawing and keep painting!

I hope these 5 steps to finding your art style have been helpful to you in some way, and I encourage you to try these tips.